About Algamo

The limited liability company Algamo Ltd. was established in 2011.
The company specializes in algae cultivation and subsequent active substances extraction. These active substances are used in cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical industry and in dietary supplements production.
The production plant is based in the “Krkonoše” mountains foothills in the Czech Republic, approximately 130 km northeast of Prague.

Algamo’s facility is located in close neighborhood to the biomass power plant – MOSTEK energo, which serves as the only source of electric power and heat.

Thanks to this fact, Algamo is assured to be all sustainable energy project. In the proximity of both projects, the own water source is located, which is accessible only by the Algamo project.

Corporate vision

The company’s aim is an eco-friendly production of highly-active natural products. We believe that even a tiny contribution to ecology will make a huge profit not only for us but for future generation in particular.

The company invests its effort in building a friendly work environment and working conditions and pays a lot of attention to subsequent staff development.

Algamo history

The limited liability company Algamo Ltd. was established in 2011 in the Czech Republic and is a producer and supplier of Haematococcus pluvialis alga and astaxanthin oleoresin. The products are sold under the trademark ALGASTIN®.

2011 – Company foundation
2012 – Technology development
2014 – Beginning of construction
2015 – Contruction finished
2016 – Beginning of production


Algamo regularly monitors the production cycle and ensures safety and compliance with hygiene requirements, resource efficiency and production efficiency. This ensures consistency in process and final products.

The company operates according to the HACCP principles.

Algamo Ltd. is the owner of certification ISO.

Certification USDA Organicusda 

Vegan Certification                

The Power of Astaxanthin

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